Giordano RS700 bikes are one of the most admired two wheelers on and off the road. With no rear suspension integrated into the frame, these bikes are rough enough to conquer one of the most technical terrains. As a matter of experience, as the terrain becomes tougher and more technical, everyone prefers a hybrid bike.

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Since there are no pivots and extra rear suspensions, hardtail bikes are easier to maintain than other bikes in the same segment. Another great advantage is their stability and price. They are economically viable and easy to own.

They cover most of the technical aspects of all terrain biking and hence suffice for most of the riding situations. Hardtail bikes are highly versatile and it is the technological advancement and experimenting that have helped this bike become one of the most favoured road bikes. Every now and then tube manufacturers have built new and more stable tubes for hardtail bikes. This has allowed the hardtails to adapt to the toughest and most rugged of all terrains.

Nowadays specially designed hardtail bikes for women are seen quite often. With newer and smaller frames, even people of average height can enjoy a hardtail ride.

The most noticeable features include the s-bend seat styles, replaceable rear derailleur hangers and the stylish tubes that not only provide the much needed stiffness but also great comfort. Frames made from all types of metals are designed for comfort and high performance.

From a standard 21-speed gear to a powerful 27-speed version, stronger brakes and superb tyres, a hardtail ride is a worth preserving nostalgia.